Vision, Mission, Values & Dreams

cairnVISION Our vision is of a sustainable organization providing active support and education for end-of-life and bereavement to all residents in Powell River and the Regional District.

MISSION The Powell River Hospice Society, a community-based, non-profit organization, offers social, emotional and spiritual support to individuals at the end of their life—through compassion, respect and care, aimed at quality of living and a good death. We also support family and friends in grief and bereavement, and are committed to providing education and advocacy throughout the community.

VALUES We consider death a natural and meaningful part of life’s journey. The values that guide us include respect, compassion, empathy, equity, caring, healing, open communication, collaboration, accountability, creativity and honouring in all that we do.

DREAMS Volunteer visitors for every need, bereavement groups, therapy dogs, life review, art and music therapy, workshops, community resources and, some day, a hospice building. Your donation is a commitment to making such dreams a reality—hospice and bereavement care in our community.