Gifts in your will

How to give:   For a confidential inquiry into Gifting in Your Will, please call Anna at 604 223 7309 or email [email protected].

PRHS is honoured by gifts of any size. The legacy donation is a unique way of gifting a community. It is received with sincere gratitude on behalf of the many people we serve.

Leaving a gift to hospice in your Will can include specific amounts of cash, a portion of an estate, real estate, securities or works of art. Gifting to hospice through a Will can ensure you maintain financial security during your life time, while also making a lasting impact.

You can specify your gift to be restricted or unrestricted.

Unrestricted Gift: This gift can be used in any area of greatest need by the Society in order to meet its mission of providing social, emotional and spiritual support to individuals at the end-of-life.

Restricted Gift: This gift is used for a specific purpose or program of your choosing. Examples of restricted gifts include funds for operating costs, educational workshops or program development.

We recommend seeking professional advice from your legal and financial advisors. Your lawyer will ensure the language of your Will meets the intention of your donation and your financial advisor can guide you on the most tax effective way to make your gift.